Born March 5, 1971 in Caracas,... Animation proposal image by Miranda Estrada


Born March 5, 1971 in Caracas, Venezuela.

Julio has a degree in Business Administration and during eight years, he ran his family's outdoor store business. Through this experience he developed a passion for outdoor sports, diving, traveling and exploring. During these years he also took several courses in environmental sciences, wildlife management and  automotive mechanics.
He began studying formal photography in 2001 at Roberto Mata Taller de Fotografía, the best and very well known photography school in Caracas, Venezuela.
In 2001 he participated as head of photography in Hummer Expeditions / Transasia 2001, event that took place from September 2001 to December 2001. He toured Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal.
Since then he has not stopped communicating with images, making photography part of his life.
In 2002 he founded Larga Distancia Expediciones Fotográficas project with his partner Roberto Mata, which later became Long Distance Photographic Expeditions, a company specialized in promoting photography workshops and photographic trips.
Twenty years of road trips and workshops around the world, visiting amazing places like Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, China, Turkey, Croatia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Peru, the United States and Venezuela.
All this experience has given broad experience and the opportunity to create a solid portfolio in which he communicates his experiences as a seasoned world traveler. 

Awards and Recognitions 

ND Awards 2020 international photography contest. Honorable Mention in Editorial: Documentary category 2020.

Contest Finalist National Geographic. Photography Contest Finalist 2007.

First prize L´Unión Latine. Martin Chambi Award. Turkey series. (Paris, France) 2006.

First prize Ministry of Culture through the Institute of Image and Space Arts and the National Museums Foundation. I International Biennial Photography Contest. Title of the work: Southeast Asia. . (Caracas, Venezuela) 2006

Contest Finalist National Geographic. Lights of America.  2006

Mention Direct Daniela Chappard Foundation. 3rd Biennial of Photography Daniela Chappard Mention Direct Photography. Title of the work: La India bajo perfil. (Caracas, Venezuela) 2005.

First Prize Grand Prize Sculptor Martin Funes XI National Hall of Visual Arts Francisco Lazo Martí. Title of the work: Cuatro y diecisiete. (Guárico, Venezuela) 2003.


Black & White Smarphone Award Winner. Black & White Issue January 2021 - #143 

White constructions Someone listens to them. Tresy3 Gallery. Collective Exhibition (Caracas, Venezuela) 2014

Primeiro de Maio. Marta Traba Gallery of Latin-American Art. Collective Exhibition Primeiro de Maio (Sao Paulo, Brazil)  2013 Black & White Smartphone Award Winner

Del Cortile Gallery. Collective exhibition Madreterra (Rome, Italy) 2011

Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art of Maracay Mario Abreu. 35 Aragua National Art Salon. Collective exhibition (Maracay, Venezuela) 2010

ARTEBA, Carmen Araujo Gallery 24 Images. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)  2010

Mezerhane Foundation. “Cajas que Ayudan” Collective Exhibition (Caracas, Venezuela) 2009

Second Auction Between boxes section Aurea. (Caracas, Venezuela) 2009

Masterpieces with Cellular Technology. LG and Movistar. Collective Exhibition (Caracas, Venezuela). 2009

Recent Works. The Carnicería Arte Actual. Exposure # 15. RMTF. (Caracas, Venezuela) 2008

Images of Turkey. Mexico Image Center. Collective exhibition.   (México, DF) 2007.

Exhibition Blow Up. Artepuy Gallery. Collective Exhibition  (Caracas, Venezuela) 2008.

Images from Turkey. L’Union Latine. Galerie Renoir du cinema Le Latina (Paris, France) 2007.

Exposure # 9 From La Cava

The Carnicería Arte Actual. RMTF.  (Caracas, Venezuela) 2007.

Quotidianita del dettaglio. Galleria del Cortile. Settima Edizione of the International Festival of the Photography of Rome. (Rome, Italy) 2007

"famous in trays". Venezuelan Pro-Cure of Paralysis Foundation. Exhibition and auction. (Caracas, Venezuela) 2007

32 Aragua National Art Salon Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art Maracay Mario Abreu. Collective Exhibition. (Maracay,  Venezuela) 2007

XVI Feria Iberoamericana de Arte FIA.  Galería La Carnicería Arte Actual. (Caracas, Venezuela)   2007.     

Langoleta. IV Bienal de Fotografía el Hatillo. Exposición Colectiva. (Caracas. Venezuela). 2007  

13 años, RMTF.  Exposición colectiva. (Caracas, Venezuela) 2006  

Fundación Daniela Chappard, Sexta Subasta de Fotografía Latinoamericana. Trasnocho Cultural, Paseo las Mercedes.

Mujeres Cuchicheando. XXXV Premio Municipal de Artes Visuales Salón “ Juan Lovera” Exposición Colectiva.    (Caracas Venezuela).  2006

A la Espera. 63 Salón Bienal Arturo Michelena.  (Valencia, Venezuela) 2006    

La Ruta Presentida. Centro San Ignacio, La Escondida. Exposición individual. (Caracas Venezuela) 2006

La India Bajo Perfil. Fundación Daniela Chappard 3ra Bienal de fotografía Daniela Chappard. Exposición colectiva. (Caracas, Venezuela) 2005

30 Aragua National Art Salon Foundation of Contemporary Art Museum of Maracay Mario Abreu. Collective exhibition (Maracay, Venezuela) 2005

Street Barbers. IV National Biennial of Plastic Arts of Puerto La Cruz. Collective exhibition. (Barcelona, Venezuela) 2005

Venezuelan Goethe-Institud. Collective exhibition.  (Caracas, Venezuela) 2005

Parque de la Escuela Municipal. El Hatillo Salon. Collective exhibition. (Caracas, Venezuela) 2005

The Great Dune. San Ignacio Center. Collective exhibition.  (Caracas, Venezuela) 2005

In a Blink of an Eye. RMTF. Collective exhibition. (Caracas, Venezuela)  2004

Four And Seventeen. XI National Hall of Visual Arts Francisco Lazo Martí. Collective exhibition. (Calabozo,Venezuela) 2003

Morocco. France embassy. First month of photography. Collective Exhibition Marrakech. (Caracas, Venezuela). 2003

28 Aragua National Art "Balance" Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art of Maracay Mario Abreu. 28 Aragua National Art Salon, Collective Exhibition. (Maracay,Venezuela) 2003

Images of Asia and Cambodia" Arepa Factory. Individual Exhibition.  (Caracas, Venezuela) 2002 

Member of The American Society of Media Photographer

Long Distance Photo Expeditions

Roberto Mata Taller de Fotografía Miami

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